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    What is infertility?

    Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive during one year of sexual intercourse without contraception. Infertility is divided into primary and secondary. Primary infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to conceive when they have never conceived, while secondary infertility refers to the inability of a couple to conceive in the past regardless of the outcome of the conception. In both cases, the evaluation and treatment of the couples, as well as the causes of the problem, are the same.

    What are the five signs of infertility in men?

    The most common signs of infertility in men are:
    1. Hypotonic erotic desire.
    2. Pain or swelling in the testicles
    3. Erectile dysfunction
    4. Ejaculation problems
    5. Hypoplastic testicles
    About 15% -20% of couples trying to conceive have fertility issues.

    What are the five signs of infertility in Women?

    The most common signs of infertility in women are:
    1. Irregular period
    2. Severe period pains
    3. Absence of period
    4. Symptoms of hormonal disorders
    5. Pain during sexual intercourse
    Some women experience pain during sexual intercourse. Causes of painful intercourse are hormonal disorders, endometriosis or other underlying conditions which are related to fertility issues.

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