Drug Addiction

The common features in all kinds of substance addictions (alcohol, drugs, pills like painkiller, anxiolytics or hypnotics) is the compulsive use of the substance and the repetitive action of consumption despite the  negative consequences they may have upon an individual

Drug addictions we treat:

  • Crystal Meth
  • Cannabis Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Opioid Addiction

One on One Counseling

Family Counseling

Yoga – Reiki – Reflexology – Pilates – Massage

Solution Focused & Goal-Oriented Therapy

Personalized Treatment

We understand that someone suffering from addictions has a great difficulty in reducing or quitting these harmful substances even when constant usage can become seriously disturbing for their lives. Sooner or later tolerance makes it way, which may result to needs and cravings for larger amounts to feel the effect. This inevitably leads to more harmful and substance- seeking behaviors. Lack of control over this  behavior is a main characteristic of all kind of addictions. Long term addictions can cause brain damage as well as a variety of social, personal and family problems.

What we do

We are here to help  individuals recognize the problem at first, which in many cases is the most difficult step to recovery. Detoxification medications are then carefully assigned by our team of experts which help control the cravings, reduce withdrawal symptoms and keep anxiety and sleep in normal levels.

Our specialized treatment plans include exercising, balanced diets, personal care, weekend excursions and enjoyable activities additional to coaching and psychotherapy, combining all elements needed for a successful recovery program.

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    How does drug addiction affect your every day life?

    Drug addiction becomes a problem that negatively interferes with your daily life. In addition to psychological and physical dependence, drug use involves spending a great deal of your time thinking about using drugs, seeking for drugs, and spending time using drugs.

    Does drug use cause violent behaviors?

    Substance abuse can sometimes cause violent behaviors. Lack of self control under the influence can cause unwanted behaviors. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, published an article stating that “more than 75 percent of people who seek treatment for drug addiction report having performed acts of violence, including mugging, physical assault and using a weapon to attack another person.”

    How does drug abuse affect the brain?

    Drugs overflow your brain with a chemical called dopamine which triggers feelings of intense pleasure. Your brain will seek to repeat these experiences that make you feel good by motivating you to repeatedly use the same substances. Getting used to the extra dopamine, your brain will seek for more of the drug’s effects each time, causing changes in your brain’s chemical systems and circuits.