Leisure and
Recreational Activities

We believe that leisure and recreational activities are an important part of treatment for a successful recovery, increasing patient’s chance of restoring life’s pleasures that might have been lost during difficult times. Marieva Healthcare incorporates both types of activities into our patient’s treatment plan. Engaging in fun activities, excursions and wellness therapies help reduce stress factors, allowing patients to enjoy moments on a clearer mindset.

Sports, spa therapies, calming beach walks, traditional Greek dinners, and excursions to various cultural attractions, are small samples of activities we include in our clients personalized treatment plan.



Mondays to Thursdays

Our clients receive their scheduled clinical treatments, psychotherapies and coaching assistance along with personalized alternative treatments.

All wellness activities are monitored or executed by our healthcare’s personal trainers, professional dietitians, trained instructors and therapists. We provide our patients with a choice of enjoyable and fun activities to end their day with, such as going to the movies, bowling and much more.



Fridays are dedicated to leisure activities of our client’s choice, accompanied with dinners out to selected Greek restaurants were one can enjoy our culture’s finest cuisine. Leisure activities can include:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Gym
  • Indoor or Outdoor Swimming
  • Spa and Massage Therapies
  • Shopping in our local commercial districts.


Saturday is the day of our excursions. Athens and its surrounding areas offer a vast variety of historical and cultural sites where our clients can encounter the majestic beauties of our ancestors. The historical locations we visit are:

  • The Acropolis and Acropolis Museum
  • The Historical City of Athens: Plaka and Monastiraki Flea Market
  • Poseidon’s Temple in Cape Sounio
  • Naflpio
  • Ancient City of Delphi
  • Aigina or Ydra Island*

* Island excursions depend on day’s weather conditions.



Sunday is the day of relaxation and reflection. We cherish the importance of space and understand our client’s need for it. Accompanied by our dedicated coach, our guests have the option to take part in various activities of their choice.

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    Why a luxurious rehabilitation program?

    A luxury rehabilitation program includes specific factors such as specialized treatment, full focus on one patient, highest level of services, luxury amenities and exclusive locations.

    Will I be in contact with other patients?

    Marieva Healthcare provides an individualized treatment program by accepting and focusing exclusively on one client at a time.

    Can I work during treatment?

    Our room and housing facilities all include internet access. We do remove patients from their usual environment for a successful recovery, but depending on the case, clients are still able to attend work and personal obligations during certain hours of the day.