Paschalis Gkikas


Dr. Paschalis GkiKas was born and raised in Athens, studied Medicine at the Medical School of Bologna in Italy. He worked at the General Hospital of Syros “Vardakeio and Proio”, at the 1st Hospital of IKA (Papadimitriou) and at the General Hospital of Attica “KAT”.

He completed his specialty in Psychiatry at the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica “Dafni”, where he worked in the 3rd Psychiatric Emergency Department, in the Detoxification Unit 18 ANO department of problematic internet use, as well as in the Peristeri Mental Health Center.

In parallel with his specialization in Psychiatry, he specialized in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy (CBT) as well as in family systemic psychotherapy at the corresponding unit of the DNA in Pagrati.

He was a scientific collaborator of the Ariadne program of the 2nd Child Psychiatric Clinic of EKPA and the 3rd DTE at the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica “Dafni”. He works as a responsible psychiatrist in 2 boarding schools of EPAPSY and 1 of ALTHAIA, as an expert consultant in a company supporting victims of accidents as well as as an instructor in a certified Lifelong Learning center that offers specialized vocational training programs in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology.

Member of the mental health committee of the Athens Medical Association, the Greek Psychiatric Society, the Greek Psychiatric Forensic Society, the Hellenic American Psychiatric Society, etc.