Kalliroe Fragkou

CEO /Pharmacologist

Her wide-range course studies in the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science helped her develop laboratory research skills which landed her job as a research Assistant in the Immunology Department University of Sussex, Brighton in 2004.

Her working experience includes being a medical sales representative (specializing in Remynil, and Topamac) for JANSSEN- CILAG, a well known and established Pharmaceutical company in Greece.

Her work in the field of Pharmacology had to stay on hold for a heart wrenching experience involving her daughter’s health which soon after was the inspiration to creating Marieva’s Healthcare.

Her daughter ,Marieva, was diagnosed with malignancy at the tender age of 1, and had to fight a battle for her life. For 5 whole years , Kalliroe was challenged to fight her own battle with depression and anxiety disorder. Finding the strength to overcome these acute phases was an experience that enhanced her with a stronger comeback to life. Concrete, bright and with a natural gift for compassion, Kallirroe Fragkou, was determined to use her life experience to help others suffering from abusive habits and mental health issues by creating Marieva’s Health Care.

“As I discovered myself, the challenge about mental health issues is not only overcoming the acute and dark phases, but returning to a normal life when you are already are psychologically exhausted and vulnerable.”

“This endeavor inspired me to create Marieva Healthcare , helping others struggling with similar issues , build a healthier and balanced life”