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How do I know if I have a drinking problem?

Drinking becomes a problem when it starts to negatively affect your work, relationships and social life. It also affects the way you think and feel in your everyday life. The most common sign amongst many others is the inability to stop or control the amount of alcohol consumed, alcohol cravings, and drinking alone in secrecy.

Can Alcohol cause liver damage?

Alcohol abuse can increase the risk of developing fatty liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis, which are the three primary liver conditions. These diseases may cause failure or irreparable damages to the liver of a chronic alcohol user.

Can Alcohol Change the Brain?

Studies have shown that drinking can cause chemical imbalances to the human brain, affecting important functions such as dopamine levels. Some parts of the human brain that control our emotions and decision makings are also affected when drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

How does drug addiction affect your every day life?

Drug addiction becomes a problem that negatively interferes with your daily life. In addition to psychological and physical dependence, drug use involves spending a great deal of your time thinking about using drugs, seeking for drugs, and spending time using drugs.

Does drug use cause violent behaviors?

Substance abuse can sometimes cause violent behaviors. Lack of self control under the influence can cause unwanted behaviors. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, published an article stating that “more than 75 percent of people who seek treatment for drug addiction report having performed acts of violence, including mugging, physical assault and using a weapon to attack another person.”

How does drug abuse affect the brain?

Drugs overflow your brain with a chemical called dopamine which triggers feelings of intense pleasure. Your brain will seek to repeat these experiences that make you feel good by motivating you to repeatedly use the same substances. Getting used to the extra dopamine, your brain will seek for more of the drug’s effects each time, causing changes in your brain’s chemical systems and circuits.

Are women most likely to have eating disorders?

Eating disorders tend to be more common in women and girls than in men and boys. While girls are most likely to develop Anorexia or Bulimia during their teen years more than men, research finds that similar number of males and females can be affected with Binge-Eating disorders.

Are Eating Disorders Mental Illnesses?

Eating Disorders are classified as psychological illnesses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (DSM-IV) published by the American Psychiatric Association.

How do eating disorders affect your body?

The digestive system, heart, teeth and bones are often affected by someone suffering from an eating disorder, and eventually lead to other diseases as well.

What are the most common Psychological or Emotional Problems?

Anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders are the top most common psychological or emotional problems that people face nowadays.

Can Emotional Behavior Disorders be harmful towards others?

Emotional instability causes erratic and “un-called” behaviors affecting ones decision making process. Unstable emotional states can cause harmful behaviors towards yourself and others.

Signs of Depression

Depression significantly affects someone’s feelings causing a constant sorrow or misery and in most cases a depressed person may have a loss of interest in pleasures brought by everyday activities.

What is the difference between behavioral addiction and substance addiction?

Behavioral addictions are non-substance addictions, like constant gambling or internet addictions, and are a set of repeated behaviors that a person becomes dependent on. Substance addiction is the abuse of alcohol or drugs. Both types of addictions can become the major focus of a person’s life and can harm the individual physically, mentally, or socially.

Does the rise of technology cause behavioral addictions?

Technology has played a crucial role to the rise of gaming, sexual and internet addictions. With a plethora of dating apps and free pornography, people nowadays seem to indulge much easier in sexually compulsive behaviors. Online gaming offers an escape from reality developing gaming addictions to a major percentage of adolescents and young adults. People also tend to obsessively check their social media and emails and are often diagnosed with an internet addiction.

Can behavioral addiction be treated?

Behavioral addictions can be treated. Psychotherapies or cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) are some examples of treatments that help identify harmful patterns in behavior and help by reshaping thinking to promote healthier behaviors in one’s lifestyle.

Can I work during treatment?

Our room and housing facilities all include internet access. We do remove patients from their usual environment for a successful recovery, but depending on the case, clients are still able to attend work and personal obligations during certain hours of the day.

Why a luxurious rehabilitation program?

A luxury rehabilitation program includes specific factors such as specialized treatment, full focus on one patient, highest level of services, luxury amenities and exclusive locations.

Will I be in contact with other patients?

Marieva Healthcare provides an individualized treatment program by accepting and focusing exclusively on one client at a time.