Apataggelos Dimitris

Dimitris Apatangelos


Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Dimitris Apatangelos, graduated from the Turin-Italian Medical School. He worked as a rural practitioner at the Venizelio-Pannion General Hospital of Heraklion Crete, at Molai-Laconia General Hospital as a Pathologist and at the 251 General Aviation Hospital as a neurologist specialist.

He completed his specialty in Psychiatry at the Dafni Psychiatric Hospital of Attica, where he worked at the 3rd Psychiatric Emergency Department, as well as at the Over 18  Alcohol Addiction Unit.

Dimitris Apatangelos specializes in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy (CBT therapy), and STAPP (short term anxiety provoking psychotherapy) by completing his studies at the Athens Center of Applied Counseling and Psychotherapy.

He has participated in seminars such as, Post-Training Group Analysis-Psychodrama, and  The Psychodynamic Understanding of Psychiatric Patients. His experience also includes working as a co-therapist at the Over 18 Alcohol Psychotherapy Programs.