Aimilia Zika

Aimilia Zika


Aimilia Zika is a graduate of the Medical School of the University of Crete. Her specialized courses include working in best-known treatment centers such as the Lefkada (Ionian island of Greece) General Hospital, the Corfu Psychiatric Hospital and the General Military Hospital. She completed her specialized courses in Psychiatry when working at the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica – Dafni.

She also specializes in psychosexual disorders and was trained in cognitive / behavioral psychotherapy at the Aegean Hospital and has received training in systemic / family psychotherapy at the Family Therapy Unit of Psychiatric Hospital of Attica.

Her vast experience includes working in Alcohol Rehabilitation Departments, Hospital Emergency Departments, in Reintegration Centers (Hostels, Boarding Houses), in independent hospital units, and has participated in caring programs for hospital patients.

As part of her continuing education, Aimilia still attends many conferences and seminars and has played an important role with her participation in the research of Bipolar Disorder in the Attica Hospital.