Luxury Boutique

Marieva Healthcare’s private luxury residence is located 25 minutes from the historic city center of Athens and less than 30 minutes from the Athens International Airport. Our private boutique villa is housed on the foothills of Mount Ymittos and boasts a breathtaking view of the Saronic Gulf. Our healthcare’s cozy environment ensures that guests receive the highest quality services while enjoying a comfortable stay with a home-like feel.




Our healthcare’s private residential treatment provides clients with a selection between two types of private rooms according to guests preference. The following options both include breakfast, lunch and dinners carefully prepared by our in house private chef.

The Royal Blue Suite

  • Private Master Suite with Queen Bed
  • Jacuzzi Bath
  • Desk with chair
  • Private Balcony
  • Oversized closet area


  • Single Room
  • Double bed

Respect for Privacy

We respect and understand the desire and need for privacy. Treatments and therapies are highly confidential and take place in quiet and calming environments. Our committed staff works on a one-on-one basis with our patients, making sure they receive the ultimate care and highest quality clinical therapies.

Throughout your stay, CEO Fragkou Kallirroe stays with you 24 hours a day for anything you need in complete secrecy.

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    Can I work during treatment?

    Our room and housing facilities all include internet access. We do remove patients from their usual environment for a successful recovery, but depending on the case, clients are still able to attend work and personal obligations during certain hours of the day.

    Why a luxurious rehabilitation program?

    A luxury rehabilitation program includes specific factors such as specialized treatment, full focus on one patient, highest level of services, luxury amenities and exclusive locations.

    Will I be in contact with other patients?

    Marieva Healthcare provides an individualized treatment program by accepting and focusing exclusively on one client at a time.