Welcome to Marievas Healthcare, a luxury rehabilitation treatment program based in the beautiful Athenian Riviera of Greece. We provide coaching, psychotherapies, medication and physical health activities carefully customized and personalized for every individual suffering from substance abuse or various mental disorders.

The importance of a well balanced and healthy lifestyle is our team’s main highlight and focus throughout our treatments, building the first strong foundations of our patients journey towards a fully recovered and healthy life.







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    Why a luxurious rehabilitation program?

    A luxury rehabilitation program includes specific factors such as specialized treatment, full focus on one patient, highest level of services, luxury amenities and exclusive locations.

    Will I be in contact with other patients?

    Marieva Healthcare provides an individualized treatment program by accepting and focusing exclusively on one client at a time.

    Can I work during treatment?

    Our room and housing facilities all include internet access. We do remove patients from their usual environment for a successful recovery, but depending on the case, clients are still able to attend work and personal obligations during certain hours of the day.

    One to One Treatment

    We work one-to-one at Marieva Healthcare, accepting one patient at time. Our aim is to reassure that our client has our full focus and care with a specialized and highly effective personalized approach.

    We provide our patient with an exclusive customized treatment plan, designed by our dedicated team of doctors and therapists along with an assigned personal life coach. Our client receives 24 hour exclusive support from our dedicated team from moment of arrival till their last day with us.


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    Our Team

    The Marieva Healthcare team is always by your side in whatever you need. Together we can ensure that the recovery is stronger. It is time to step up and make a difference. Your personal power comes from within. It’s there, it’s waiting and it’s ready to be born.

    Let’s travel together!!

    Pioneer Methods

    Social Distancing is a result of our generation’s most addictions. Our team’s pioneering methods can ensure that one’s social life will be recovered and set back on track. Our programs are specially designed to treat any type of disorders that may come along with strong withdrawal symptoms caused by these addictions.

    Nurturing experts and consultants available 24/7 , will provide you with the essential warmth and sense of security in our family environments by setting the bases for your full recovery and by meeting all your needs.